While the Goa police are on a massive and definitely appropriate drive to weed out prostitution and drugs, it permits gambling to thrive literally in front of its police headquarters.

We chose to just barge in and rob one of the dens where believed gambling activity in Vasco town was going on. This was after a week-long security where other such dens were determined.

The HIT (Herald Investigation Team) staked out a gambling club at the jetty in Mormugao which is located right adjacent to the primary roadway causing headland Sada. As quickly as HIT went into the gambling den late on Wednesday evening, the players suiting on the floor with cards and money froze. When they saw the HIT clicking photos the gamers present inside the club space started running helter shelter as if a bomb took off. Other than for two individuals who asserted that they have been running the program and they had begun the activity only couple of days back, others left the space and disappeared from the scene. Those who remained back, asked for Team Herald to pardon them as they were not aware that PAT game is unlawful.

Before conducting a raid at one such club, the HIT sent a decoy to all these clubs and found that, the majority of these clubs operate from little stores or flats where people from all section of society pertained to gamble.

A gambling den is a fantastic leveler. From laborers to employees working prestigious main government institutions, gamble together and play the video game of chance, frequently playing away their futures. HIT discovered that some addicted gamblers come to their favorite gambling clubs practically every day before they go home.

Remarkably a club located in the heart of city even provides food and beverages to the routine gamers. We understand. A good gambler cannot stay hungry and thirsty.

After the raid, Team Herald fulfilled PI Mormugao Kapil Naik to know whether he has any clue that this club is under operation under his territory. His reply was negative; he stated I have no idea that somebody is running a gambling den at the jetty.

As an accountable publication, Herald took the photos it clicked at the gambling den and satisfied the Sub Divisional Police Office (SDPO) Vasco, DySP Suchita Desai. Taking a look at the images taken by Herald; she said I am shocked that such activities have been taking place. I will ask the concerned PI to describe as we are not going to endure such operations of gambling dens.

The connivance of an area of the regional authorities is absolutely evident. But it’s a racket which has lots of stakeholders. The function of the owners of these facilities and the kind of lease arrangement they have with those who run these gambling dens had to be examined. If gambling dens can be run in the middle of hectic places consisting of markets, what is the warranty that there aren’t safe houses in Vasco, storing weapons and ammunition, and who understands, even housing terrorists? After all it is everything about surveillance or the abject absence of it.